Thermal Label ID Tape

This high quality tape will retain all printed information for as long as you need.

World Emblem’s Thermal ID Tape is extremely flexible, allowing for exceptional comfort, and yet it is remarkably durable. We stock Thermal Label ID Tape in several standard sizes, suitable for commercial laundering and in-house high speed printing by means of a thermal printer.


Additional Information & Benefits

World Emblem’s Thermal ID Tape allows for quicker application and removal time. It is tested to withstand 52 washes, including heavy soil (bleach formula). Offers adhesion to all garments, including FR treated garments in 1st pressing. Eliminate 100% of wasted tape. Zero water sublimation. SAP compliant.

Need Some Help?

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Application Instructions

  • Mount the garment. Make sure the garment is wrinkle-free. There should only be one layer of fabric between the ID Tape and the platen.
  • Place ID Tape on the garment with the adhesive facing down.
  • Activate the Heat Press. Let the cycle finish. If the machine is manual, make sure to pull the lever as soon as the machine beeps.
  • Check the integrity of the ID tape. there should not be any bent corners. Check for strong bond with fabric. The darkness of the print should not change.

Click Here To Download World Emblem ID Tape Instructions

Temperature 380° – 400° F (both platens)
Pressure 70 – 90 psi
Time 8 – 10 seconds
Wash Industrial

NOTE: Please check out the World Emblem YouTube Channel or our Video page for step by step instructions for applying all of our apparel decorations.

Top and Bottom Heat

Top Heat Only