Blank Patches

With over 3,000 die-cut shapes in stock, chances are we have what you need.

World Emblem has a full inventory of our standard blank patches available for same-day shipping with many color variations. We also carry over 3,000 die-cut shapes in stock, so chances are we have what you need. We over-lock each emblem with 100% colorfast thread specifically engineered to hold true even in the harshest wash processes

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Top and Bottom Heat

Top Heat Only

Application Instructions: Garments

  • Mount the garment. Make sure the garment is wrinkle-free.
  • Place the emblem with the adhesive facing down. There should only be one layer of fabric between the emblem and the platen.
  • Activate the Heat Press. Let the cycle finish. If the machine is manual, make sure to pull the lever as soon as the machine beeps.
  • Check the integrity of the emblem. There should be a strong bond with the fabric. Check emblem is straight and on right location.
Low Melt Temperature 365° F
Low Melt Pressure Medium (50 – 60 Psi)
Industrial Temperature 400° F
Industrial Pressure Medium High (60 – 80 Psi)
Dwell Time (Low Melt And Industrial) 10 – 12 Seconds

NOTE: Please check out the World Emblem YouTube Channel for step by step instructions for applying our apparel decorations.